What’s Our ‘Tail’?

Founded on 18 August 2017, ToC provides a safe, compassionate home for special-needs and senior dogs that cannot survive on the streets. We do not support euthanasia and are a no-kill animal home. We believe that every animal deserves respect , love and a fighting chance at life. We provide a cage-free environment. All animals deserve to live fearless and free. We are currently home to 60 animals including several paralyzed, two- and three-legged, blind and senior dogs. Vision

  • To provide assistance and residence to specially-abled and senior dogs ensuring comfort and safety and enabling them to lead better lives. Need work here


  • We are committed to delivering effective care to specially-abled and senior dogs. Need work here


  • To provide a compassionate home for dogs that cannot manage to survive on the streets such as senior and paralyzed dogs.
  • To provide basic medical facilities and recovery area to injured animals. 
  • To sterilize dogs and provide post-operative care.
  • To promote the practice of adoption especially of Indie/desi dogs.
  • To instill compassion in people through education.

To enhance community engagement in animal care, rescue and feeding

How you can help

  • Visit

If we can’t let them out, the least we can do is let the world in. And let everyone go crazy in each other’s company. Drop by our animal home and make our friends feel loved. Not everyone has the capacity to go on rescues or donate. But, by just visiting any animal home close-by, you are spreading love to those that have been saved. Just give your time to any animal or person in need and see how beautiful, satisfactory and peaceful everything seems. Animals instantly lift our spirits. When you are with them, your mind has no space for any negative thoughts. Try it! You can get in touch with us and have a super happy day. In the process of making them happy, you will find happiness.

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  • Volunteer

Being a new organization, we value your help in any which way possible. You can be on the field and help us in many ways. 

    • Comfort animals in trauma, treat injured animals, perform physiotherapyand help paralyzed dogs walk on their carts
    • Groom our doggos
    • Clean and maintain the facility
    • Take our doggos to the vet
    • Photography and videography

If you cannot be present physically, you can work behind the scenes and help us with 

    • Social media
    • Fundraising
    • Adoptions 

Virtually sponsor a dog

Through our monthly virtual sponsorship program, you, as a Godparent of a dog, can help fund the food, veterinary care and other expenses for that dog. You are always welcome to visit ToC to meet your Goddog. We will keep you posted about your child through photo and video updates. The good deed doesn’t end there. Your generosities will not only support the dogs at ToC, but also impact the lives of those that are in desperate need for help. With your contributions, we can take in and care for more such paralyzed babies.