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Are tailsofcompassion Products Copyrighted?

Truly. All tailsofcompassion items (TV promotions, radio advertisements, narrative recordings, movements, music recordings, sound tracks, computer games, intuitive web encounters, web journals, educational plans, research papers and study guides) are circulated under a Creative Commons (CC) permit. This doesn’t supplant copyright — which stays unified with (tailsofcompassion Trust)– yet it makes the terms more adaptable. Anybody is allowed to download our items from intailsofcompassion.org (or future locales); share them with companions; republish or insert them on their site or blog. However, this utilization must be made inside the details of the CC permit “Attribution — NonCommercial — Non Derivative.” 

This work by tailsofcompassion Trust is authorized under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which permits you to duplicate, circulate, show or perform freely tailsofcompassion items as long as you follow the rules beneath. 


You reference expressly tailsofcompassion as the first wellspring of the materials, and tailsofcompassion’s logos and visuals just as those of the tailsofcompassion’s backers, if appropriate, stay immaculate and unedited. 

Non Commercial 

You can’t utilize tailsofcompassion items (or any pieces of them) for business purposes. 

Non Derivative 

You can’t adjust the items in any capacity (alter, remix, cut, and so forth) These conditions can be adjusted simply by express consent of the copyright holder (tailsofcompassion). 

The total content of the permit can be seen on the Creative Commons (CC) permit. 

Could I Repost or Republish tailsofcompassion Products on My Site or Blog? 

Indeed, we urge you to share tailsofcompassion items generally — as long as you follow the details of the Creative Commons permit illustrated above (See: “Are tailsofcompassion items copyrighted?”) and add an obvious connection back to intailsofcompassion.org. 

Would i be able to Project tailsofcompassion Products to a Group of People? 

Truly, as long as you follow the particulars of the Creative Commons permit plot above (See: “Are tailsofcompassion items copyrighted?”). Truth be told, we urge you to discover inventive approaches to impart tailsofcompassion items to your companions, family, understudies, partners, and networks. 

Would i be able to Show tailsofcompassion Products During My Conference? 

Truly, as long as you conform to the provisions of the Creative Commons permit illustrated above (See: “Are tailsofcompassion multi-media items copyrighted?”). Specifically, the multi-media items must be indicated unedited, just as the copyright data, and just inside the extent of a non-business occasion. On the off chance that you wish to utilize tailsofcompassion multi-media items in a business setting, if you don’t mind reach us with a spurred demand for authorization. 

Would i be able to Use tailsofcompassion Products in My Classroom? 

Truly, as long as you agree to the conditions of the Creative Commons permit plot above (See: “Are tailsofcompassion multi-media items copyrighted?”). We are aware of various instructors that have utilized tailsofcompassion multi-media items to invigorate conversations with their understudies or to supplement course materials, and urge you to do as such also. 

Can I Re-alter and Remix tailsofcompassion Products? 

No. The Creative Commons permit (See: “Are tailsofcompassion items copyrighted?”) obviously expresses that “subsidiary works” of any sort (alters, cuts, re-blends, mashups, and so on) are not permitted. In the event that you find altered or adjusted adaptations of tailsofcompassion items disseminated on the web or utilized somewhere else, know that this is illicit and please advise us. 

Would i be able to Translate tailsofcompassion Products? 

Truly — yet in the event that you mean to re-post your interpretation as a captioned item, the manner in which you share the item should conform to the sharing or potentially broadcast rules recorded on this page. (On solicitation, tailsofcompassion can give official English records of our items to help your interpretation.) tailsofcompassion maintains whatever authority is needed to re-reason, alter or broadcast your interpretation and distribute it as a record or as captions. We ask that you send us any interpretations you complete. To send us an interpretation, or to demand more data, email us at tailsofcompassion@gmail.com

Use on TV and Radio Programs? 

Advancement permits selections from our items to be broadcasted on TV or radio. We, in any case, need a brief from the maker on the TV or radio portion they’re creating, and the planned utilization of the recording or sound bites, just as foundation on the organization’s range, geographic area and the POV are useful. 

We can give film on a hard drive, standard DVD or information DVD. Any required transformation will be the organization’s obligation. 

No authorizing expenses are charged, however the recording must be joined by an on-screen credit (by and large a lower-third) referring to intailsofcompassion.org and our logo. 

Narrative Use 

Narrative producers can utilize passages of our items inside their movies. You should, notwithstanding, give tailsofcompassion a brief from the movie producer on the expected utilization of the recording, the film’s viewpoint/perspective, and dissemination plan. We additionally prefer to see brief profiles on the imaginative group (maker, chief, and so on) 

We can furnish the producer with film on an information DVD in one of our standard organizations (any required transformation will be the movie producers’ obligation). We don’t convey film on tape. 

No authorizing expenses are charged, yet the recording must be joined by an on-screen credit (for the most part a lower-third) referring to in tailsofcompassion.org and our logo. 

Media Request Tipsheet Picture Requests? 

Picture demands must be joined by the accompanying data: 

  • Name of distribution/source 
  • Name of mentioned picture 
  • Publication date 
  • Preferred document design 
  • Deadline for receipt of picture 

Picture demands for related work should be coordinated at tailsofcompassion@gmail.com

A photograph credit will be given when the picture is conveyed. This credit must altercation full. 

Media Requests? 

Solicitations for interviews on related work should be coordinated at tailsofcompassion@gmail.com

Your email ought to incorporate the accompanying data: 

  • Name of distribution/source 
  • Brief foundation on your meeting demand 
  • Proposed distribution date 
  • Your cutoff time 
  • tailsofcompassion Refund and Cancellation Policy 

We unveil our strategy on discount and abrogation of gifts got on installment passage as under: 

  1. Once got, no discount/dropping will be engaged for the gave sum through the online installment entryway (online gift). The gift will be utilized for the reason it is given for. 
  2. No discount of cash paid by means of Visa (on the web or disconnected), money, check, payorder or DD will be permitted. 
  3. Monthly gifts can be halted anytime by writing to tailsofcompassion@gmail.com